The FTS System Manager


Introducing the FTS System Manager

Installed on your computer, it is the simplest way to run any part of the system.

Click here to install the FTS System Manager


System Requirements are as follows. You need

Windows 7, XP or Vista

Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater. This is available here (from Microsoft)

The .NET Framework 3.5, available here (also from Microsoft)

The .NET Framework 4, available here (also from Microsoft)

Many of the FTS applications also require Microsoft Excel

Authentication Information

After installing the System Manager, all student applications are immediately available. Some require an authentication code. You can email yourself an authentication code from the help menu if you are at a licensing institution.

Some applications require a moderator (instructor) password. Please contact FTS to obtain a moderator password.

Terms and Conditions




The Financial Trading System (FTS) software is designed for teaching in educational trading rooms. The system provides a complete and comprehensive teaching solution for university trading rooms as well as for those who want to employ realistic and real world simulations in their curriculum.



Contact us to set up a demonstration by email at or by calling 800-214-3480



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